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Empowering the community by understanding and

​approaching diversity with different cultural lenses


In ATH Multicultural Counseling we define therapy as the collaborative treatment based process between an individual, couple, or family and the counselor. The counselor provides a supportive environment where issues can be discussed openly, objectively, safely, and nonjudgmental. The counselor promotes emotional and psychological healing through designed interaction and interventions.

Collaborative process between therapist/counselor and client to work one-on-one in a safe, caring, and confidential environment to explore and to process thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors to facilitate change and to improve quality of life, to set personal goals, to confront barriers that interfere with emotional and mental well-being, to have a better understand of themselves and others, and to work toward desired change.

Individual Therapy

Couple therapy assists couples to figure out a variety of ways to resolve the issues troubling partners, to enrich strength, and to empower couples to repair, renew, and restore their love, or to move on with clarity and growth. Couple therapy supports partners to create and sustain a loving relationship, to strengthen the foundations of the relationship, to rediscover the positives of your relationship, and to create new habits that build up rather than undermine the relationship. Non-conventional couples are welcome.

Couples Therapy
Family Therapy

Family therapy believes in family systems by understanding the clients’ symptoms and interaction/interdependence patterns. We understand the family in the system’s basic structure to recognize the mechanisms through it operates and when family life is stressed, or conflicted it affects each member of the family.  Family therapy works to identify and ameliorate patterns of interactions directly related with family behavioral symptoms, to assist family to change maladaptive interactions, and to improve quality, quantity, and direction of family communication. 

Client Focus



Hispanic and Latino, Other Racial or Ethnic Background


Alternative Languages: 

Español, Spanish



Toddlers / Preschoolers






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